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Looking for a new job with more challenge? Mployment is the employment agency in the Bulb Region.

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Mployment has been active in international and national job placement since 2015. The company was founded by entrepreneur Paul van der Holst who, from his background in the food industry, saw a growing need for flex workers within this sector. From here he has expanded the company in recent years to other sectors and areas of expertise.

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Safety and reliability are our crucial core values.

We are in possession of the SNA hallmark and the SNF certificate. This shows that we meet the two NEN standards (Dutch companies & foreign companies) and we handle the accommodation of our temporary workers well and responsibly.

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Frequently asked questions.

Are you certified?

Yes, we have obtained several certifications. Please take a look at the page for more information.

What nationalities do you work with?

We work mainly with Polish, Slovak and Czech nationals.

What do you all arrange for temporary workers?

We arrange a suitable job, housing, transportation and on arrival each international temporary worker receives a bag with safety shoes, rain suit and boots.

When an international temporary worker wants to work in the Netherlands he/she must have a citizen service number (BSN). If they do not yet have this, we will assist them in applying for it.

If temporary workers need help from a family doctor or dentist, we will also assist them with this. We make the appointment and go with them.

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